How to Write an Ad That Gets Targeted Clicks All Day Long

Writing an ad that gets readers to notice and then take action requires some thought and creativity. It is essentially one of the hardest writing jobs available. In order to write effective ad copy you must be able to grab the reader’s attention and then get them to follow through by signing up for your newsletter, joining your website, or buying your product. This is a pretty tall order. There are thousands of ads on the Internet; ads are on just about every webpage and on every website, and in order to write effective ad copy you must be able to make your ad stand out from the rest.

Begin by asking yourself who is your audience? Knowing your audience and to whom you are targeting your ad is key to any successful ad copy. You need to be able to write an ad using the words your targeted audience uses. You need to know how to have a conversation with your audience that they find relatable and personable. Writing an ad that elicits emotion and then gives readers an easy to follow call to action has proven to be efficient and get conversions.

1. Research your target audience. Researching your audience and learning everything you can about them will allow you to write much more effective ads. Knowing what inspires and motivates yours readers is essential in creating an ad that will get clicks. Different people use completely different words when searching for the same exact thing. If you want to write great ad copy that converts you must truly be bale to connect with your audience.

Find out what it is your target audience thinks about, how they feel, and what their needs are. If you know what your audience needs than you can give them something useful. Knowing how they think and feel is extremely important because it will allow you to write an ad that gets their attention. While researching your targeted audience keep a list of words and phrases that they use frequently to express themselves and their desires.

Social media is perfect for researching a target audience. After all, millions of people are using Facebook and Twitter right now talking about what interests them and posting their thoughts and feelings on particular issues. Be sure that the language you choose does not sound condescending in any way and that your ad is not annoying. People are annoyed by pop ups and tricks. Be honest about what you are selling when writing ad copy.

2. Understand the extreme importance of your headline. Your headline is your first chance to grab a reader’s attention. Think about how many other ads will be on any given page with your ad. Not to mention the website’s content all competing for the reader’s attention. How do you make yourself stand out from the rest? Knowing what gets the attention of your target audience and how to use it is the key to writing successful ad copy.

Curiosity, emotions, and controversy get most reader’s attention fairly easily. Sexuality, erotic and suggestive images and text work as well. Be very careful when using sexuality in your ads. While it is a proven advertising technique it may still offend some.

3. Give the reader a reason to click on your ad. People need a reason to click your ad and it is up to you to give that reason to them. For instance, if your target audience is single men and your objective is to sell them a copy of your new e-book, How to Get the Woman of Your Dreams to Marry You, then you should be able to get their attention by saying something like, “Tired of being alone? Click here to meet someone now” or “Get your free copy of Dating the Woman You Dream about”.

While keeping these three major points in mind try your hand at writing ad copy. Remember that just like everything else, practice makes perfect. Research, grab the reader’s attention, and then call on them to take action.