Web Promotion With Article and Directory Submission

Web promotion fundamentally involves a combination of directory submission to web directories and article marketing. You can also promote your site offline, but these are the two most profitable techniques that you can use in internet marketing to promote a website.

Sure, there are other ways such as on-page SEO and other similar techniques, but if you really want to get your web pages listed on Google and read by as many people as possible, you cannot rely on on-page SEO alone. The problem is that most people do not understand optimization that does not involve their web pages – and even then, most are confused!

Here is a brief outline of the off-page optimization techniques possible to you that involve submitting your web pages or the entire site to online publications such as article directories and social networking or bookmarking sites. Most have heard of these, but most of those also have no idea what they are or how to use them to their best advantage in web promotion.

Google Algorithm Updates

Most understand the basic principles of article marketing, although do you fully understand the algorithm change Google made in February of last year with Panda, or last month with Penguin? If you do then you will no doubt now be avoiding these poor quality article ghostwriting services offer on many websites. If you don’t, you may have a shock coming!

I will say no more about this because it is you who must decide the best article services to suit your web promotion needs, but keep in mind that Google will no longer accept poor quality content of any kind: standard of writing or depth of content. Penguin is designed to detect scraped content and articles written using software. Those who relied on a software package to write their articles in the past are now liable to have all their current and future web content removed.

Those software developers that claim Google ‘can’t tell the difference’ are wrong – Google can, and those that have paid for this software are soon to find out! The only safe way now to create articles for your website or for submission to article directories is to write it yourself or use an article ghostwriter.

Article and Directory Submission Services

However, having an article written and submitting it are two different things. Some directory submission services will submit your articles to article directories only, while others will go further. Your articles can also be submitted to PDF directories and to social bookmarking and networking sites. Your website can be submitted to web directories, social bookmarking sites and also to Craigslist!

These are the directory submission options open to you, and if you are paying for a submission service you should request that a full service is offered that carries all of these submissions mentioned above. Otherwise do it yourself – you cannot afford to leave money on the table with your web promotion because your competitors sure won’t!